Emiel Rombach

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The first website I've made. huisgezocht.com. It's 90% self coded and since I did not have any experience with coding, I'm kinda proud of that. It's still online, because it hasn't been effective so far :)
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I've made a design for a website people could use to find people they've met anywehere. It turned out I was not able to program it myself and I couldn't find anyone to do it for me, so I kinda put it on permanent hold.
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I work at a digital production company, but that does not mean I can code myself. I do try it sometimes though. This site for example, I've made all by myself, huisgezocht.com is almost completely my code and the Replicreate site is made with a Wordpress plugin, which I've modded a lot. I don't consider myself a web designer or programmer, but I do enjoy doing it.