Emiel Rombach

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What's to say about this. I won't try to sell myself as a great photographer, for I am definitely not, but I love architecture and cities and I like taking pictures. The combination of those things can be hard. Most of the times a building is too big to capture in a shot, but even if you can, it will hardly make for a nice composition. Apart from that, I found that making a million pictures while on holiday is kinda useless. You will almost never look at them again and sharing 100 pictures on Facebook makes nobody happy. So I've started to challenge myself while on holiday not to take tons of snapshots and all those pictures you will find in the exact same way (and in way better quality) on sites like Flickr, but instead just make a couple of interesting shots (and maybe edit them a little in Photoshop and Lightroom). I've only recently started doing this and I still have to learn a lot about my camera, but it's a fun hobby and I will keep sharing the results on this site.