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Sunset Pendant image 4
The backside of the pendant. If you look closely you will see the 5 magnets around the edge, used to keep the backgrounds in place. The necklace goes through the inside of the pendant, so all you see from the front is a perfect round shape, with no distractions
Sunset Pendant image 7
Work in progress. The inside of the finished box is covered with velvet, but underneath there are 17 really strong magnet that keep both the pendant and the backgrounds in place. The right half of the box can be lifted to uncover an empty space for the necklace to be stored. In this picture you can also see the backgrounds are actually 3D plinted plastic disks with magnets glued into them.

Sunset Pendant

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3D Printing, Jewelry, Product Design
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I've designed this pendant for my girlfriend's graduation. The base is the pendant, a sterling silver circle with the outline of a boat and a sunset. I've made 6 little disks that function as interchangable backgrounds, so the appearance can be changed depending on outfit or mood. It can also be worn without a background, for a more minimalistic look.

The system works with magnets, there are 5 1x1mm highly magnetic neodymium magnets glued into the backside of the pendant and the backgrounds are custom 3D printed with space for 5 0,5x1,5mm magnets each. The magnet system makes for a clean look, without fragile moving parts, but also causes the background disks to be easily changeable and always perfectly aligned. To complete the design, I've made a custom box, which has a completely flat inside surface, but due to underlying magnets, the pendant and the backgrounds are always aligned perfectly on it.

The pendant and the plastic background disks are drawn in SketchUp and respectively 3D printed in wax and casted in sterling silver and 3D printed in a highly detailed plastic, by Shapeways.