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My parents have grapes in their garden, so my father and I made wine out of it. And wine needs a label, so I designed one. The house is my parents house. It's actually a townhouse, but it looks way better as a chateau, right?
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The invitation for a beer tasting evening at my place
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My girlfriend went on holiday, so as a surprise for her return, I bought some La Chouffe bottles, scanned the abels, altered them in Photoshop and put them back on.
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Friends of mine had a baby. His name is Boris and so is everybody's on the card
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I was in charge of organizing my brother's bachelor party, so I made everyone these sunglasses. I've made the design in photoshop and printed it on waterslide decal paper to transfer it on the sunglasses.
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This was also made for my brother's bachelor party. I took a box of mix drink shooters, filled them with wodka, took off the labels and replaced them with my new design.
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My friend graduated for her PhD and everyone was asked to get het a little cheeky present. Since her paper was about Frankfurt, I made her some frankfurters.
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Our 2011 Facebook Christmas card.
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My brother organized a cocktail party at a local bar. So I made him a flyer
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Before I named my home brewery North Brews, I already brewed some beers. This is one of them.
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My grandmother turned 85 and we had a family get-together. Since my family lives far apart, I did everything for this project on the spot. First I took pictures of the children (and partners) with empty frames, then I took pictures of the grandchildren (and partners) and Photoshopped them in the empty frames. I've printed everything and put it in a frame with a custom made passepartout.
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Just a silly coupon for a friend's birthday.
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In 2013 our Christmas was a busy one. So I made this 'concert flyer' as a joke.
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This one is hard to translate to English, but I'll try. My friend quit his job as a passport photographer ('pasfotograaf' in Dutch) to go on a big trip. I made him this T-shirt, where the word 'pasfotograaf' is changed to 'was fotograaf' (former fotographer).
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A beer label I designed for a colleague of mine. His friends were getting married and he asked me to combine a picture of a mountain with a picture of them and put the 'Avonturier bier' name on it. I didn't really like that idea, so I made this.


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A collection of stuff that did not fit on other pages, or that I did like enough to put it on this page, but not enough to give it it's own.