Emiel Rombach

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The logo for my home brewery, North Brews
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My friend's energy comparison site Energiesite needed a new logo. So I designed one for him
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The logo for a fictional beer store.
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My friend started a costum made steel furniture company called Staaal, so I designed a logo for him.
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I've made a design for a website people could use to find people they've met anywehere, called 'Ter.ug' It turned out I was not able to program it myself and I couldn't find anyone to do it for me, so I kinda put it on permanent hold. But I still made a logo for it.
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The logo for my girlfriend's and my home cidery, South.
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Another one for a friend. It's not a finished, but it's nearly there. The project got cancelled though, so I never completely finished it.
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This one is for a colleague's brother's carpentry company
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A monogram of my initials. Just for fun, it served as the previous logo for this site.
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Another monogram of my initials. Designed to be the new logo for this site.
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The Replicreate logo.
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The logo for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign


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Graphic Design
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I really like making logo's, so even when I don't need them, I still make them :) Here are some that I've saved over the years.