Emiel Rombach

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Lego Coffee Table

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We needed a new coffee table and my girlfriend's birthday was coming up, so I decided to make her one myself. Since she likes colourful designs, I decided to make a colourful striped pattern. At first, I wanted to make one using old skateboards, but it turned out those were hard to find, so I came up with the Lego idea. The bricks are bright, durable, playful and of course easy to build with. I really didn't want to glue the bricks together, because that would take away from the Lego idea, so I made the base of the table out of metal and wood and put the Lego as a slab on top of it, making it really sturdy. It looks like the table top is 4 'studs' thick, but as you can see on image 2, it's actually only 1 stud thick, with a 4 stud edge around it.

After the design was done, I went to Bricklink and ordered the bricks and plates I needed of every colour between bright yellow and bright red that Lego has produced (and was still available) and combined it with white, black and grey bricks and plates, to make it a bit less noisy.

The work wasn't actually in the building itself, that was the fun part and went really smooth and fast, it was the search for the right legs and the calculating of how many of each bricks I was going to need that costed a lot of time and effort. But in the end, I think the result was worth all the effort.