Emiel Rombach

Hippo Pin image 1 Hippo Pin image 2 Hippo Pin image 3
Hippo Pin image 4
The boxes I've made for the Hippo Pin and the Bugatti Cufflinks.
Hippo Pin image 5
The picture I used as inspiration for the drawing.

Hippo Pin

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3D Printing, Jewelry, Product Design
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My mother has been collecting hippos since even before I was born, so when I was thinking about designing a piece of jewelry to commemorate her 40 year wedding anniversary with my father (for whom I designed these) a hippo was the logical choice. I took a strong recognizable image and brought it back to the bare minimum, a single line. Minimalistic, yet still unmistakably a hippo. We gave it as a sterling silver 3D print (printed by i.Materialise) as a present from all her children (in law).