Emiel Rombach

Christmas image 7
Though you might not be able to tell immediately, 2016's menu card is not photoshopped (ok, maybe a tiny bit), but all photography. I bought the the circus box letters, the balloons and the text garlands, laid them all down on the floor on a black sheet and photographed them.
Christmas image 6
The inside of the card is made by making a picture with a cut out christmas tree shaped bokeh filter and a lot of christmas lights.
Christmas image 1
Christmas image 2
All the images for the 2010 menu card are made using a candle and a camera with a long shutter time.
Christmas image 3 Christmas image 4 Christmas image 5


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Graphic Design
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Every Christmas, my family organizes a big diner. I'm not a great cook, so I can't help with that part, so whenever I have time, I try to make the menu cards.