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My big pride. It took me 6 months to make it and even longer to figure everything out (and I'm still making alterations to it), but it was well worth it. Basically it's an electric pan, which I've pulled apart and completely altered to be a semi-automatic beer brewing machine.

Inspired by both the Braumeister and the Grainfather, I came up with a design that was both cheaper and fitted my requirements more. Both the malting and the cooking take place in the pan, so this way I was able to bring back the process from requiring 3 pans to only 1.

In short the inner pan is filled with barley and the machine has a pump that circulates the beer constantly through the barley during the malting, making it really efficient. The temperature controller has a thermometer inserted in the circulation, so the meassuring is really accurate. After the malting, you can lift the inner pan and run through the sparging water. Then the hops can be added and the cooking takes place. After the cooking the lever on the side alteres the pump circulation from through the pan, to the exit at the backside of the pan. This way I can run the beer through the plate cooler and into the yeast bucket.