Emiel Rombach

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Anchor Bracelet

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3D Printing, Jewelry, Product Design
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1 bracelet and 10 interchangeable coloured ropes. That's the Anchor bracelet in a nutshell. I've designed the bracelet with a nautic theme (the ropes are actually ship ropes) for my water and sailing loving girlfriend. I've drawn it in SketchUp and had it 3D printed in wax and casted in sterling silver by Shapeways. The first version was printed in a rubber-like material, but I found the silver version to be more fancy and I think it works better in contrast with the brightly coloured ropes. The bracelet is designed so it can be worn both with and without a rope inside. The ropes can be clamped inside, so the colour of the rope shows through the anchor shaped holes in the bracelet. The ropes are all cut to length with a hot knife and have an endcap with a magnet in them glued to both ends, to make sure the ends stay in place, both inside the bracelet and inside the box (that I've made myself as well).