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This exact replica of my brother's and sister in law's house is actually a Christmas ball. It even has a little light in it to make light shine through the windows at night. I've modeled the house with pictures from Google Maps and Google Street view and some pictures from the broker's website. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, the pictures and the paint job don't really do the model justice.
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Ring Berlin
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Cufflinks I've made for a new year's party. Printed with my Form1 in grey and spray painted white.
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I needed a 2 pit stove for my small kitchen, but all I could find where build in ones. So I've made an aluminum frame and 3D printed the connectors/feet.
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A special bottle cap I've designed so I can keep track of the carbonization process of my home brews.
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Fernsehturm pendant.
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Faith Hope Love
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Hippo Pin
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Anchor Bracelet
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Bugatti Cufflinks
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Sunset Pendant

3D Prints

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3D Printing, Jewelry, Product Design
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Back in 2007, I was still studying architecture back then, I was introduced to 3D printing at my university. It was one of those starch printers, the layers were about 1 mm thick and the end product was rough, but still, I was really intrigued by the potentially endless posibilities of the technique. A year later I read an article in the Dutch magazine Bright about the future of 3D printing and ever since I've been following the developments closely.

Over the years I have designed a lot of things to be 3D printed. Most of them were printed by Shapeways, and later on through 3D Hubs, but in 2013 (well actually 2012, but I got it through Kickstarter, so I had to wait a while) I bought my own 3D printer, the Form 1. You can read more about that on the Replicreate page.

On this page I've collected some of the prints I've made. Some I've printed myself, others are printed by professional services, but everything is drawn and designed by me.