Emiel Rombach

Hi there, thanks for visiting my site!

I'm Emiel, a 37 year old guy from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (so don't hesitate to contact me in Dutch). As I've already stated in the intro, everything you see on this page is stuff I did for fun. I've studied architecture and work at a digital advertising company (Daisycon), so my interests are pretty broad and I think you can see that back in what I design and make.

To me, design is all about the details. I can spend hours working on pixels and adjusting things you might not even notice at first sight. But I believe a good design is created by the combination of all those details and even if you don't notice them, it will only feel good when all the details are right.

I'm going to use this site to push myself to be creative more often, to make more and to document what I make better. I will keep adding new stuff, so if you like it, please come back every once in a while to check for updates!

- Emiel Rombach